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Make Users Fall In Love With Your Brand


Does that idea feel distant and hard to achieve? Are you struggling to break through the ocean of competition to get to your ideal users who don’t even know you exist let alone buy your products/services? The reason we go through this struggle is because we tend to miss out on a few KEY practices in our process due to which entrepreneurs get lost in the crowd and their respective brand/idea does not shine through, no matter how innovative it is.

Let’s talk about how making a slight mind shift is THE WAY to make your users/clients/customers fall in LOVE with your brand and stay loyal for years to come!


This is super important! For your users to have a great brand experience and positive emotions, it is key that you understand them and give them what they need and not what you like. There is a prerequisite to this though, you should know who your ideal users are. You are not meant to cater to anyone and everyone, there has to be a type. Only when you are aware who your product/service is for, you will be able to curate your offerings accordingly.

Let’s back this up with an example. Say you own a real estate company. Your expertise lies in designing, renovating and building luxury homes and your preferred end users are people in their mid 30’s - 55, who have an income level of 150K -200K per year. So, with this baseline target in place, you have to now think from the perspective of these people. What could they possibly benefit from your services? What is it that you can give them that would make their life easy?


Still keeping in sync with the Users First Approach and finding the right way to woo users, it is so useful to do research. Not just online research but REAL research - one that involves direct communication with your users and builds empathy. Easiest ways to do this is through simple Google forms, Instagram stories, surveys, in person interviews or any other way you think works for you to get your past, present or potential users to talk about their requirements and problems. You may ask questions like - “What is your biggest pain point regarding X (X is your area of expertise)?” or “What ideal solution are you looking for that will make you super happy?” The responses you get, will help you curate your offerings in a way that solves the problem of your end user, makes their life easy and meets their expectations. Wouldn’t they just love you for that? I bet they will!

Continuing with the same example as above, I would like to land up on an assumed conclusion based on the research done. Your end users are the hustlers, they are on the go. They have the ability to spend and they have a sense of what they are looking for but need guidance with how their vision will come to life. This is where you get a chance to make a mark with your offering! The roadmap for your process with clear guidance, unparalleled quality service assurance and quick turnaround promise will go a long way and will absolutely make your end user not only love you, want to work with you again in future, sing your praises + give referrals! Now that would be something amazing!

A brand needs great user experience to strengthen it. Great user experience comes from making user focused decisions so that over the time the brand builds out to be trust-worthy and timeless and so loved. Good luck my fellow entrepreneurs!




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Building Brands With Love,


Brand Designer and Co-founder of Twelve and Twenty Eight