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BRANDING | Legacy Lending Partners

Legacy Lending Partners, a firm created by a father - son team who are serial entrepreneurs. Based in the greater Chicago area, this firm is an end to end financial services provider for medium and small businesses with a unique touch. Not just finance, they provide business consultancy and complete guidance for business owners starting on a new entrepreneurial journey.

Brand Challenges:

Commercial lending companies are perceived as “money-minded” and LLP wanted to break the stereotype. The newly formed brand was looking for creative direction that would formulate their messaging and positioning. They are providing much more that just financial services to entrepreneurs. Their services are extended to business advisory and consulting to overcome the complexities involved in running businesses. We needed to create the right brand voice which would make entrepreneurs feel supported that with this collaboration, they would be able to achieve their business dreams.

Strategy + Execution:

Carefully diagnosing and researching the pain points of first time business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs, we decided to highlight the business advisory aspect of the offerings. Legacy Lending Partners being a part of their clients’ teams and providing valuable insights and business hacks, was made to be their mission statement. With creative copy writing, engaging call to actions and a consistent look and feel, we created Legacy Lending Partners’s visual + emotional identity that reflects on their digital and print space.


The brand has been soft launched and business owners have already warmed up to the idea behind Legacy Lending Partners’s existence.


Image Credit: Pexels

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