Twelve and Twenty Eight


Our story + Your story = Something Exciting!



She is the creative one. Admirer of everything bright and beautiful. A book lover, a learner, an inspired soul. She brings your vision to life through her designs. She is Ridha, an enigmatic Cancerian. Born on July 12, she makes the 12 of 12&28.

He is the outgoing one. Champion of ideas and possibilities. A social media enthusiast, a positive thinker, a solution finder. He makes sure you get nothing but the best. He is Ankit, an ambitious Capricorn. Born on December 28, he makes the 28 of 12&28

Together we make things happen with pure passion and dedication. Your brand is our brand and we work hard to build it.

That's our story, what's your's?

Our Mission

Our goal is to not just work for but work with unique and creative startups, fellow small businesses that like us are learning and growing each day. Our approach is to make the design journey as personalized as possible which means we dive right in, treat your brand like our own and deliver our best! We do not picture ourselves as just another design solution provider for our clients. Our values have more depth and we make sure it reflects in our work. We believe in not just getting the job done but to have an intense connection with the people we work with that outlasts the timeline of the job. We take immense pride in being there for our clients/friends anytime they need advice or guidance regarding what's best for their brand.