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Branding | Simply Smita

Beauty and Wellness, charity, donation, fresh, handmade, natural, Organic, purposeful, small batch products, socially conscious

In the heart of downtown Chicago, thrives Simply Smita - an organic, handmade and socially conscious beauty brand built with positive intent of making a difference to the world. Each product is nothing but love. Love for the body, love for the environment and love for the world.

Brand Challenges:

In the already saturated market of organic beauty products, it is tough to define why yet another brand is different. Simply Smita needed a brand identity that would be simple just like the name says and also be expressive enough to convey the brand's message to it’s end users.

Strategy + Execution:

We wanted to create something that would stay and be an important part of Simply Smita’s visual existence for the years to come. So working together with the maker and co-founder, Smita, discussing her vision and strategizing over her hand drawn doodles is how we started the journey. Perfecting the ideas, we thoughtfully created an identity for the brand which is being used across the all platforms - e-book, media kit, print collateral and to every new product line added.


With a confident appearance and strong brand values, Simply Smita products have (since launch in Sept 2016) entered 14 local mom and pop shops in Illinois, Denver, Massachusetts and New York. The products are selling well on online platforms, through wholesalers and in person at the top craft shows in and around Chicago!

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