Twelve and Twenty Eight

BRANDING | Splendid Works Of Art

The lovely and creative owner of Splendid Works Of Art based in Jacksonville, Florida, proudly makes handmade crochet earrings and accessories for the fun, hippie and holistic women. She uses high quality cotton threads and yarn of various sizes to create her splendid designs both - ready to buy and custom.

Brand Challenges:

The existing look and feel of the brand was something randomly put together in order to initiate business. The brand lacked right visual and emotional direction and was failing to attract women for whom the products were meant for. There was a need for a brand refresh with renewed professional identity design that would make the beautiful products pop!

Strategy + Execution:

We got together with our client and created a new look and feel for Splendid Works Of Art. Taking cue from the maker’s design style, we identified a ribbed yarn pattern design that she created for almost every product. That combined with modern chic typography and feminine color palette, we created a visual identity and style guide that would be a spotlight for the brand going forward.


Timeless branding that gives a sophisticated vibe to the products and attracts the audience with a neat look not just on the digital space but on the packaging as well resulting in increased sales.